About Me

Hello there!  Welcome to my little website.  I am a mom, a teacher, a reader, and a wannabe writer.  I have some thoughts on life, teaching, and having children.  To be the best writing teacher I can be, I am trying to write more often so I figure I will put myself out there on the interwebs just like everyone else.

One of my New Year’s goals is to start writing more.  I like to write. I’m not expecting to be a bestselling author, but it’s something I like doing and want to do more of.  So that’s where this website comes in. I’ve tried blogging before. I’ve read a lot about blogging. I follow several different blogs.  But every time I started blogging I ended up stopping because my topics are all over the place. And from what I’ve read about being a successful blogger, you should stick to one topic.  But that seems impossible to me. I am not one thing. I just want to write. Some days it might be about being a mom of 3 boys. Or just being a mom in general. It might be about how much I love The Office or any and all of The Real Housewives shows.  It might be about writing. It might be about being a teacher.  I am going to start off slowly and simply by posting some of my past writing.  It will most definitely be all over the place, so if that is your type of thing you might enjoy this blog.  Or maybe you won’t, but I will be working on one of my life goals so I am OK with that.  

Remember how I said I love The Office?  The episode where Stanley has a heart attack and they learn CPR is on right now.  So so good.  If they decide to reboot this amazing show I will have very mixed feelings about it.  But that is something I can write about another day.