Titanic II

Titanic II

Did you know there is a Titanic II movie?

Sara Royston · 2 minute read

My youngest rushed off the bus this afternoon and greeted me happily.

"I gotta show you my picture," he announced.

"Can you wait until we get home to show me?" The bus stop is about a 3 minute walk from our house.

"No," he answered and tried to unzip his backpack and walk at the same time.

It wasn't going well, and it was cold outside today.

"Here, let me help you," I held his backpack as he pulled out his picture revealing a fantastic drawing of the Titanic (see above).

This kid has been captivated by the Titanic lately. His library books have all been about the Titanic, and he randomly shares facts he's learned about it.

Last week, during our nightly winding down time, he searched for a movie about it on one of our streaming services and found one called, Titanic II. I walked into his room just as it had started.

"There's a Titanic II movie?!" He ignored me, but I continued to stare at the television.

The look and feel of this movie that I had no idea even existed gave me pause, so I checked the rating. NR, Not Rated. From my experience, that rating cannot be trusted.

"Yeah, you need to turn that off. I need to watch it first."


"Just to make sure it is OK. Why don't you find a better, factual video on YouTube instead." So he did.

Fast forward to Saturday morning snuggles--

"Hey, can we watch Titanic II?" he asked.


The movie really does have a specific look and feel of other types of films out there that no child should be exposed to, but nothing nefarious could be found as we watched. The plot is exactly what you'd think: on the 100th year anniversary they made a replica of the famous unsinkable ship, but this time with modern technology, it truly would be unsinkable. Or would it?

The answer is no, it would not be. It hit an iceberg and started to sink. Again. Turns out, Titanic II was a little too gory for our taste, so we turned it off before it ended. But I'm guessing there's some sort of Jack and Rose freezing and floating he was the love of my life type scene in there too.

I figured his Titanic fascination ended there or at least tapered off a bit, but apparently I was wrong. Today, during free time at school, he one heck of a Titanic.

"I still need to finish it," he told me when he saw me taking a picture of it to post and show off here.

It hangs proudly on our fridge until he does so.

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