Surprise Visitors

Surprise Visitors

I had a nice little surprise at school today.

Sara Royston · 1 minute read

Like almost everyone, I find myself with a little more pep and enthusiasm on Fridays. I was so excited this week was finally coming to an end.

After my morning ELA block classes, I introduced the classic game of Scattegories to my Advisory.

"You must play one round with me," I stated loudly as a student volunteer was passing out the answer sheets. Groans responded equally as loudly to my demand. I smiled with the same glee as a parent who forces their kids to participate in family activities. I had to bite my tongue so I wouldn't also shout, "And you'll enjoy yourselves, damn it!"

But once we got playing, they were having a great time, even if they wouldn't admit it. Students who I have to poke and prod awake in class most days, were excitedly sharing answers to what dairy product starts with a G. It was pretty aswesome. There were a few things I had to explain to them, such as what a catalog is, however.

The end of the class was nearing as we were immersed in our 3rd round. I was picking up some of the contents of the game that I had laid out on a table up front. There was a knock at the classroom door. Our doors are always locked. My back was turned away from the door at the moment so a student had opened it for me.

I turned around to see several of my former students, who are now seniors, filing into my classroom.

I yelped with joy at the sight of them.

"Can I hug you?" one of them asked. I embraced each one happily. "Do you still have the letters we wrote?" another asked. I had them write letters to themselves when they were in 8th grade, they sealed them, and I have been holding on to them until their senior year. This year. "Of course!" "Are you coming to graduation?" "I wouldn't miss it."

I had no idea they were going to be in our building today speaking to our current 8th graders, and it was such a wonderful surprise.

Exactly what this teacher needed.

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