Sunday Scaries

Sunday Scaries

How do you deal with your Sunday scaries?

Sara Royston · 1 minute read

Sunday mornings ususally start of absolutely wonderfully--relaxed and slow, no rush to get out of our pajamas. Any lingering laundry gets done and sometimes even a big breakfast is made. If I am feeling particularly motivated, I even get some school work done.

But then as the afternoon creeps closer...the Sunday scaries poke their heads out from the dark corners of my brain. For me, my scaries are less anxiety-feeling and more dread-feeling, and today they took over with a vengeance. Maybe it was because yesterday was such a beautiful day, and I realized just how much I am looking foward to summer. Or maybe it was because the wind howled like a train ripping through our neighborhood all night and tonight we are expected to get snow. I don't know exactly why the Sunday scaries were especially rough today, but they were.

I decided instead of fighting them, pretending everything is fine, I would lean into that feeling of dread. I went upstairs to put away some laundry and found my bed still unmade. I slipped right back under my covers and put on some Netflix. I ignored the dryer singing its little tune to announce the laundry is dry and ready, and kept laying in bed enjoying my soap-opera like show for another hour or two. My youngest came in and snuggled with me for a little while as did my kittens (they were my inspiration after all).

It was exactly what I needed to push back those Sunday scaries.

I finally rolled out around dinner time to make sure my family was fed, and my coffee is prepared for tomorrow morning. But that was as far as my productivity got this afternoon.

After I finish writing this daily blogpost for my Slice of Life Story Challenge, I am going to go back upstairs and allow my covers to keep shielding me from the scaries so I can be mostly ready for Monday morning.

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