Summertime and The Closer

Summertime and The Closer

The school year ended for me on June 3, and I am just now, three weeks later starting to feel recovered. I think it has to do with my annual…

Sara Royston · 1 minute read

It has become an annual summer tradition to watch The Closer (followed by Major Crimes of course) when the school year comes to an end. This tradition just sort of happened without much planning or intent. During the summer months, it is nice to have something I've seen a bazillion times playing on the television so I don't feel I have to pay full attention to it. Plus, to be honest, I miss Brenda Leigh Johnson and like to have her in my life from time to time.

Since the season finale in 2012, I have been hard pressed to find a police procedural drama as amazing as The Closer. Even Major Crimes is not as good in my opinion. There's just something about Brenda Leigh Johnson or maybe its Kyra Sedgwick herself that makes that show so incredible.

Yesterday, I watched one of the final episodes where Brenda's mother dies. That scene is so intense and well done. And Brenda's regret for not taking the time to talk with her mother is relatable to evey human on Earth. The end of that epidsode leaves me a puddled mess every single time.

The older I get, the more of a homebody I've become. This is espcecially true in the summer when I ususally have no place I particular I need to be. The thought of getting ready to leave the house sounds awful most days. But then something happens either in real life or in the fake life of a beloved television character that makes me pause and realize how short life really is.

Pack up the car, go visit friends and family, make the phone calls and send the texts. That is what I need to be more intentional about this summer when I have much more free time on my hands. While there are many things I admire about Brenda Leigh Johnson, her absence of enjoying time with family and friends is NOT one of them.

Now, excuse me while I go formulate a letter to a network or two about bringing back The Closer. I mean, after 10 years, there should be some sort of reunion or reboot, right?

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