Spring Break 2022

Spring Break 2022

"Spring Break 2022! Whoo hooo!"

Sara Royston · 1 minute read

I sat in my car at the red light that stops right in front of the crosswalk many of us use to get to our car at the end of the school day. One of my colleagues was crossing the street. I rolled down my window and yelled, "Spring Break 2022! Whoo hooo!" as she walked by. She motioned for me to roll down my window and we quickly debriefed about how our virtual parent teacher conferences went. I could see the exhaustion on her face, and I have no doubt she could see the same on mine.

Conferences were strange being completely virtual or phone calls this spring, no in person meetings. We were stuck in our classroom alone for hours jumping from one meet to another to a phone call back to a meet. Parents were great, no complaints there at all, it was just bizarre. My colleague said one mom compared it to speed dating. I think that sums it up quite well.

"Go get some rest and drink some wine!" I called to her just before the light was about to turn green.

"I still have to pack!" she called back. We smiled, waved, and parted ways.

Oh yeah, the delayed response hit me, I still have to do that too. We are flying to Florida in a couple of days. This week felt so long and jam packed. The excitement for a sunny vacation slipped my mind for a minute during all of the busyness. I'm grateful I still have some time to decompress before we jet off because my pajamas were calling out to me the second I got home today.

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