Slice of Life Story Challenge 2022

Slice of Life Story Challenge 2022

Just a little introduction to this writing challenge starting on Tuesday, March 1st.

Sara Royston · 1 minute read

Ooooh fancy new blog site thanks to my technologically talented husband. It's fun to discuss technology with him, and by fun I mean I'd rather clean scoop out the litter box. But seriously, I mentioned to him I wanted to do the SOLC again this year and blog every day for the month of March, and he found me an easier site to use. If I knew how to put a heart emoji here, I would.

The rules for this challenge are to find a story to write about each day in the month of March. It is supposed to be in narrative form. It was started by 2 teachers 15 years ago and some classrooms even participate.

I am not the best at following these rules, however, so my daily posts may or may not be in narrative form. I personally don't believe creative writing, especially my personal creative writing on my website, should have any specific rules. My only hope is that if anyone takes the time to read my posts during this month that they will find some entertainment or some connection as they get a glimpse into the little slices of my life.

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