Running Errands

Running Errands

Quality time with my middle son running errands on a rainy Saturday.

Sara Royston · 1 minute read

"Let's go before it gets too busy," I announced.

The day was dreary, spitting rain and no sign of it stopping. But I didn't trust the dismal weather to prevent Target from becoming packed with people like it does on most Saturdays. Knowing the weather is supposed to be sunny and warmer tomorrow, my mission was to knock out all of my errands today.

I've found driving is fantastic parent-kid forced bonding time. My oldest would talk and share his music interests on our drives. I cherish those times now that he can drive himself and rarely even needs to be in the same car as me.

My middle son is an on and off angsty preteen, soon to be full on teen, and I felt the need to up my mandatory car bonding with him today. He didn't complain due to the promise of keeping all of the money from the bottles we were returning as well as stopping at Starbucks for a treat.

After he loaded the empty bottles in the trunk, we were on our way. He made a request to put on some music, and I handed him my phone. I was pleased when he chose Eminem. (The Super Bowl halftime show really piqued my kids' interest in those artist's music with no complaints from me.)

We ran our errands- stopping at Starbucks and wandering around Target. Laughing and joking and enjoying our time together. Even on such a drab and drizzly day, a little warmth could be found in the small moments.

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