Repetition is a Good Thing

Repetition is a Good Thing

A little explanation of why we watch the same television shows over and over and over again.

Sara Royston · 1 minute read

Every evening, like most people, my husband and I get into our comfy clothes and watch some television. We just finished rewatching House yesterday.

At the end of each show series, we face the exact same problem. Every. Single. Time.

It goes something like this:

"What should we watch next?"

"I don't care. What is there? Anything new?"

Minutes upon minutes of scrolling through our various streaming services occurs next.

Until one of us announces, "Nothing looks good."

"Ok, why don't we just watch -insert show here- again?" Once in a while a different show slides into our repetitive rotation, but it is rare for us stick with an entire series before defaulting back to our regulars.

We've had many discussions as to why we stick to the same shows and struggle to branch out into new television adventures. It boils down to comfort. We know we really enjoy these shows. There aren't any surprises. We can watch these shows without having to really pay that close attention because we already know what's going to happen. It's safe and reassuring.

Some might call us boring or old, and we probably wouldn't correct them. It's true, we're both, and we're OK with that.

Tonight, as a show I've seen more times than I can remember plays in the background as I type, I feel snug and cozy in the familiar dialogue and jokes. The same jokes I will appreciate when we watch this show again in a few months.

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