Random Thursday Thoughts

When there's no story to be found, 3rd person stream of consciousness will have to do.

Sara Royston · 1 minute read

I'll turn these random thoughts into a poem of sorts! she declared to no one but herself as she sat down to write.

Daily means daily, and this is a challenge she intends to complete. Unlike the many others that have peetered out over the years.

She forgot it was St. Patrick's Day today and failed to wear green unlike every single other teacher she saw today. So, she tried to keep to herself, in her own corner of the building, which isn't too hard to do since her classroom is so far far away from the hustle and bustle of the office or the stairs or the bathrooms. She stood in solidarity with the many students who forgot too.

When she got home, she comforted herself with half of an episode of This Is Us until it was time to meet her kids at the bus stop.

Her husband asked her if she wanted to go for a walk. And she did. The weather was perfect. A walk was a great idea.

During dinner, they watched an old school episode of Unsolved Mysteries. She'd forgotten how enjoyable that show is.

She baked chocolate cookie bars for her students tomorrow as a treat to eat while they share and celebrate the stories they've been writing for the past two weeks. She's really lookinig forward to an enjoyable Friday and a relaxing weekend.

The house smells like cookies and the outside spring air. Piano music drifts down the stairs from her talented child completing his nightly practice. She types her daily blog in a quiet living room with just her cats wrestling precariously on the very top of their cat tree.

She is grateful for all of this. So grateful she could burst.

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