Popped Blood Vessel

Popped Blood Vessel

My students make me laugh.

Sara Royston · 1 minute read

Last week, I had a popped blood vessel in my right eye. I noticed the morning after a particularly rough day at school, so naturally I assumed it was because of stress.

I had a colleague tell me I looked like a badass while most of my students got closer to me and stared at in in horror. It was pretty awesome.

Today, the broken blood vessel came up again in my last, most difficult, block of the day.

As I am repeating myself for the umpeenth time & trying not to lose it, a student interrupts-

Interrupting Student: Why are you talking so calmly? Me: So I don't start screaming and pop another blood vessel from stress. Another student: You can pop blood vessels from stress?! Another teacher in my room: Stress can cause a lot of crazy things in the body.

Murmurs of shock and alarm ensued for a bit.

And then we carried on with our lesson, not very smoothly or quietly, but carried on nonetheless.

Later in the hour during our sharing time--

Same student who gasped in fear that stress can possibly cause blood vessels to burst explaining to us what she plans to do this weekend: ... but now I am not sure if I should because I don't want a blood vessel to pop.

I love that this may be the ONE thing she remembers from my class 10 years from now. And I love that when she made this comment it made me laugh uncontrollably.

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday.

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