Another reminder of why I love middle schoolers.

Sara Royston · 1 minute read

My last class before lunch filtered in a bit more quietly than yesterday. They seemed eager to dive right into the writing project we'd been working on, OK, that might have been my imagination. A teacher can dream, right?

After our daily check in, reminders, and sharing time, they did actually dive right into their writing, some more fervently than others of course.

I walked around checking on students and inquring about how their narratives were coming along. When I got to one student she was looking at pictures of dogs on her computer.

"Oh, is that the type of dog you have?" I asked.

She said yes and explained to me how she actually wanted another type of dog, but her brother was the one who got to choose. I continued my wandering and talking with students while she finished up her story and had a peer read through it.

As I lapped back to where the student who was looking up pictures of dogs sat, I noticed she was using her touchscreen to color a picture. This is a student who always gets her work done, and done well, so I figured she must either need a break or had already turned her writing piece in. I didn't even think twice about it at the moment, and instead I sat next to a group of boys who seemed to need a little of my guidance.

When I looked into the dog picture student's direction a few minutes later, something caught my eye about the picture she was so intently decorating. The pattern on the pink shirt of that picture looked very familiar. I stood up and moved closer to her seat.

"Is that me?!" I yelled both shocked and extremely amused.

"Yeah..." she answered quietly as she used her fingers to zoom out.

It was in fact me, artistically embellished by this amazing student. Hereimage is her masterpiece.

In between bouts of laughter, I asked her if she would please share it with me so I can keep it forever.

Never a dull moment in middle school. And honestly, I think she is on to something with the added jewelry and cat eye makeup.

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