New Moon

New Moon

"The Moon exerts a strong gravitational pull that causes the changing tides in our oceans and seas. This gravitational pull is at its…

Sara Royston · 2 minute read

Today is July's New Moon. Today can be seen as a day to set forth intentions for the next (lunar) month. Not everyone is into the moon and such. I really enjoy knowing the moon's phases, though honestly I couldn't tell you which is which just by looking at it, must have missed that lesson in elementary science class. But despite not knowing all of the technical terms of the moon's phases, I do acknowledge its power. If the moon's gravitation pull affects our oceans, why wouldn't it also affect humans?

Regardless of how much significance you might personally give the moon & its phases, setting intentions or goals is a generally solid practice to have in one's life, right?

At the beginning of July I made a list of 7 goals. As I was journaling this week, I looked back at those goals and realized I had only accomplished the 7th one: slowly start thinking about next school year. Ha! That was easy. I barely thought about it this month aside from setting up my new email account.

Here's my entire list, some excuses/explanations, & reflections:

  1. workout regularly-- although I didn't hit a scheduled workout routine each day, I did enjoy outdoor activities swimming, yardwork & such so there was some exercise. However, after weighing myself this morning, I am up a solid 8 pounds since the beginning of summer break. I always gain weight in the summer so this is definitely something I need to be more intentional about.
  2. work on book-- I have been writing a middle grade novel for years now & each summer I intend to finish it. I haven't yet. I did work on it some so technically I accomplished this goal.
  3. post blog weekly-- Well, it wasn't weekly but it was more than zero.
  4. copywriting class-- I signed up for Udemy & bought a copywriting class, but I've only watched 5 minutes of the 25 hours so far so definitely a fail here.
  5. journal food-- Nope, hence the extra 8 pounds.
  6. clean or garden each day (1 extra task beyond everyday tasks)-- I give myself props for being specific with this goal. I did not do this every day, however. Some days I did. But most days it would feel overwhelming so I would just put it off until tomorrow & tomorrow & tomorrow... you get the idea.
  7. slowly start thinking about next school year -- Success!

I know better than to make goals each summer. It's been 20 summers of this type of thing. But I still write them out. And now, with today's new moon, I will set intentions. But I think this time I will word them differently. I want to start changing my definition of productive. Why can't taking the time to sit on the deck & enjoy my little lake be as productive as cleaning out my closet? We always feel like we need to get things done checking off our task list one by one. Relaxation is put off to the side.

I am fortunate enough to have an entire summer to truly relax. Even though I set goals each summer & feel bummed out when I don't accoplish all of them, deep down I know better so I ignore the list & go sit out on my deck doing absolutely nothing except sitting or maybe reading or watching the kids swim.

That is what I will write as my intention this month: sit on the deck & enjoy what is left of my summer. I am pretty certain I will have absolutely no problem accomplishing that goal.

new moon