May 1st Reflection

May 1st Reflection

A little reflection and a post for my future self.

Sara Royston · 2 minute read

How was your day?

This is the one of the first questions our family asks one another after the work/school day. Sometimes we just get or give a shrug or an OK, and sometimes we give or get a long, descriptive explanation. This explanation can contain both positive or negative, excitement or frustration depending on the day.

Earlier this week, as a response to our usual check-in question, I may have started my response with phrases such as: "this year" or "this group" or "this one class" feeling like a especially crappy teacher this week. At one point in my day, I recall looking around at the chaotic classroom thinking, *What in the actual four letter word starting with f is happening right now?"

Upon hearing the start of my venting session, my husband chuckled and said, "You should journal this because around this time every year, you say the same thing."

Although slightly very much annoyed, I figured he may have a point.

So, this is me publicly journaling about how I feel this time of the school year. I will compare notes this time next school year.

Today is Sunday. The dread of the upcoming week is already starting to set in, but there are only 24 days left in the school year so there's also a bit of eagerness with the countdown to summer. It's a strange mix.

I really struggled with my last block of the day this past week so leaving each day with a sense of failure really wears on you, at least it does with me.

Logically, I know this is only at most 10 hours of my entire week that sucked, and I should not allow those 10 hours to control the entire week. But that is easier said than done. Last school year I had the most fantastic last class of the day, and because of that, I view the 20-21 school year as one of my most favorite years ever despite the corona craziness of it all.

Why do I allow that last hour or two of the day to weigh so heavily? I can't be the only one who does this, right?

There were some hilarious moments this past week too, however. We were working on a little poster project to demonstrate claim, evidence, and reasoning. During one class, a student found a tube of MASCARA in the bin with the markers. It was absolutely awesome and so bizarre. I loved it. (Can you tell which one it is in the picture above?!)

There were some heart warming moments too. I sent over the letters the seniors wrote to their future selves when I had them in 8th grade to the high school so they can be put in their diploma envelopes. Graduation is only a couple of weeks away. I was able to see some of the seniors again at our district art show this past week, and it is so great to see what amazingly talented young adults they've grown into. It makes me feel pretty dang good about the future generations.

OK so in a summatiion, and now that the feelings of defeat have mostly subsided, last week wasn't horrible. It wasn't great either. I don't know for sure if it is just this school year or if I have expressed this type of frustration every spring for the past 20 years, but I suppose using this blog post will allow me to compare my feelings a year from now.

So, future self, how are you feeling about the school year?