Just a boring little Saturday

Just a boring little Saturday

I thought it was just a boring little Saturday.

Sara Royston · 1 minute read

I woke up too early for a Saturday. Not on purpose though, just something my middle aged body tends to do these days. We had a nice relaxing, unrushed morning.

We had an appointment at the Post Office to submit the two younger kids' passport applications. Not sure where we might go or when, but we've got five years until they expire. Hopefully we will have taken a trip that requires a passport by then. But until that happens, it is fun to look for flights and dream about where we might go as a family. A week from tomorrow the kids will be taking their first flight to Florida for our spring break. Once we witness how well they take to flying, we can plan our next excursion.

Afterward, we stopped by our local YMCA to enroll the youngest in swimming lessons and ended up getting a family membership. We've always been hesitant to do this out the very real possibility that we wouldn't use it, and the membership would be a waste of money. But, we already have plans to go tomorrow--the boys want to play basketball in the gym, and I want to check out the yoga class. If nothing else, it will get us out of the house more often, out of our comfort zones a bit, and get us moving more. So, I'm staying optimistic about this decision.

It's funny, as I'm writing this out now, at the end of my boring little Saturday, turns out we actually ran a couple of errands that may lead to more adventures and excitement for our little family. Maybe today was not as boring as I originally thought.

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