He's Back

He's Back

Our evil bird nemesis is back again this spring.

Sara Royston · 2 minute read

My husband sat on our couch staring intently out the window during our nightly after dinner relax and watch TV time.

"What?" I asked.

"Red-winged blackbird."

"What?!" I shrieked.

One of us paused the TV, and we listened. Suddenly, we heard that familiar screech. Some may refer to it as nature's music, but not us. It elicits only fury in me. That sound and that bird tortured us last spring. Swooping at our heads and hissing whenever we were outside enjoying our newly acquired lake. I even resorted to carrying a broom around to swipe at him if he got too close to us. I know he was only trying to protect his babies, but honestly, I don't care. He needs to find a place that is not my house to grow his family.

We really thought he wouldn't be back again now that this house hasn't been sitting empty for months.

We both stood and peered out the window. There he was. Perched on the bushes near our lower deck. Cocky and smug. Calling out to anyone who would listen.

"What if I throw stones at him?" I asked.

"It might work," my hsuband replied not at all shocked at the level of violence I suggested. He then went out on the deck to move our fake owl statue that we bought last spring in hopes of scaring him away.

Minutes later the bird was back hopping from our bushes to our tree. Screaming his scream. Taunting us.

"Well the owl doesn't work then, does it?"

"I guess not. Do you think they've already made their nest? Do you think there's still time to scare him away? How long is the entire process, for them to make a nest, lay eggs, and eggs to hatch, again?" I peppered my husband with questions.

He calmly answered each of them as I paced from window to sliding door muttering angrily.

I opted to not go out and throw stones, mostly because I didn't want our neighbors to think we're too obnoxious. We resumed our television watching pushing the bird out of our minds for a bit.

"I read that eventually the bird gets used to the people around it, and they just deal with one another," my husband stated a while later offering some hope.

I'm a little skeptical about us living peacefully with this bird. But I am not going to let him spoil our enjoyment of our lake either.

I think a tennis racket might actually work better than a broom if he gets too close...

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