Gratitude and a Full Moon

Gratitude and a Full Moon

Extra gratitude is necessary when that moon is looking as full as it was this morning.

Sara Royston · 1 minute read

I could sense the annoyance of the mom who was sitting with her two seats to the right of me. She was crossing and uncrossing her legs noisily, sighing loudly, and angrily scrolling through her phone. Then she got up and walked over to the receptionist area.

A few minutes later a lady that clearly worked in the office walked by and through the door that leads to the patient rooms. The mom trailed behind her and sat back down.

"What did you do?" asked her daughter when she returned. "She's just going to find out why we've been waiting for 45 minutes."

The receptionist lady came back through the door, "She's just finishing up and then you'll be next."

I figured this to mean I would also be waiting around 45 minutes for my appointment so I clicked on my Kindle app and found a book to read.

I had been listening to Brene Brown's new book, Atlas of the Heart on the way to the dermotologist office and pulled into the parking lot right at the end of her chapter on gratitude. She writes, "Gratitude is an emotion that reflects our deep appreciation for what we value, what brings meaning to our lives, and what makes us feel connected to ourselves and others." This gave me the perfect opportunity to practice gratitude by using this time to do something I enjoy instead of getting upset about waiting.

I was only a few pages into my book when the mom and daughter left and the nurse called me back. My dermotologist apologized for my wait and said, "It has been a bananas of a day. You have no idea."

I completely believed her. I saw the almost full moon this morning hovering beautifully over our still frozen lake, "I can imagine. It's a full moon on Friday."

She gasped, "I was wondering! I told myself I was going to look it up when I had a free minute."

Some people don't believe in the power of the full moon, but I do. Just like some people probably don't believe in the power of practicing gratitude, but I absolutely believe in that too.

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