Finding some joy in a day that really, really sucked.

Sara Royston · 2 minute read

Ugh, today was a day. The kind of day that makes you question your life's career choices. The kind of day that leaves you wondering what other jobs might be better for a teacher who is just about burnt out. Exhausted to her core. Unsure if she was ever really good at what she does. But scouring and preparing for a different career is for another day perhaps. Today, I am focusing on what I am grateful for, what brings me joy.

Here is what I came up with:

  1. Picking my kids up from school. The parent pick up line is horrific, but I've now mastered it to where I squeeze in right at the end of the line. This way I skip the congestion and is it my turn into the line now? and that guy who stands at the end of his driveway yelling at people for blocking his driveway and staying hyper alert to make sure there aren't any kids darting out in front of my car and people not paying attention leaving huge gaps in the line. Skipping all that today, I was able to glide right up and let my boys pile in. They are always in a good mood at parent pick up, and today it made me smile as they rattled on about their day.

  2. My house We moved into this house in May, and I am madly in love with it. See the picture above? That view. Even in winter it is absolutely gorgeous. I often find myself standing and staring outside at the sunsets so grateful to have found our home.

  3. My kittens We adopted 2 kittens in December, and they are just the best. They greet me at the door when I get home. They leap and play and snuggle. Sure, they drive me crazy when they are biting on my hair to wake me up for their breakfast at 5 in the morning, but seeing their sweet faces after school, especially on a day like today, it's totally worth it.

  4. Biggby Today there was a fundraiser at Biggby for the boys' school so we swung by after parent pickup. I usually don't go anywhere if I have to go inside, but the drive thru line was so long that we actually parked and went inside. We ordered and sat and waited for quite a while for our drinks to be ready. We didn't mind the wait today because we didn't have anywhere to rush off to. So we just talked and laughed and noticed things around us.

  5. The game Guess Who Dominic has been talking about this game since he had indoor recess last week. I told him I would buy it for us because I remember how much I enjoyed playing this game growing up too. I had placed a Target pick up order earlier today as I was desperately low on coffee and there is no possible way I could survive the rest of this week without it. Coffee, Guess Who, and garbage bags were the sum of my order today. So, right when we got home, we played it, and it was just as much fun as I remember.

  6. Writing I am grateful for this outlet that allows me to think and reflect and feel better.