Gathering Place

Mom and Dad's bed is a safe place.

Sara Royston · 1 minute read

My youngest flings himself belly first on my bed with a book in his hand.

I am already sitting on my bed, laptop open, screen staring at me.

My husband is sitting on the bed too wondering out loud what he should read next.

The screen is now glaring at me causing my mind to go even more blank.

My middle son then walks in the room with his book and sits on our bed.

All four of us.

My oldest is at work, but even if he was home he probably wouldn't have sat down with us anymore having cooler, teenagery things to do. Though he absolutely would come into the room to make a snarky little comment.

We don't always do the best job at enforcing our nightly reading time. But when we do, our bed tends to be the gathering spot.

It might be just because they want to keep asking when they can be done. But I like to think it's a comfort thing. Where do we run to when we're scared at night? To Mom and Dad's room.

I remember doing the same after a nightmare or just to snuggle and watch some TV. It's a safe space.

And although I am getting annoyed with the jolting movements from fidgety kids on my bed messing up my typing, I love that they gather here.

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