First Day of Spring

First Day of Spring

Having a lake in my backyard brought a whole new appreciation of spring this year.

Sara Royston · 1 minute read

The house was still sleeping, well, except for the cats. I slipped on my new bright pink Crocs, pulled my fleece robe a little tighter around me, and opened the sliding door to the back deck. My usual morning sitting chair, left abandoned for months, had a glaze of dew or leftover rain still on it, so I stood and enjoyed my coffee. The moon still hung in the sky, bright and almost full. Fog drifted up from the lake. The ice has completely melted. The ducks were quacking loudly as if they were arguing with one another. They didn't seem to mind the chilly morning air and neither did I.

Later in the day as the sun rose, it sparkled off the slight waves that move across our small lake. I didn't realize how much I had missed that sight, and how much I needed to see it again.

Welcome spring, my heart is happy to have you back.

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