Everyone's Home

Everyone's Home

The entire family was home this evening. Feels like that hasn't happened in a while.

Sara Royston · 1 minute read

All three of my boys arrived home from school around the same time today. It feels like it's been months since that has happened. Although I am currently teaching figurative language to my 6th graders, I am not using hyperbole right now.

At one point we were all crammed into the kitchen for one purpose or another bumping into each other and talking very loudly. This type of situation might usually elicit frustration from me, but today, I was able to notice the rarity of this moment. So, I just backed out of the way, and watched. Starting dinner could wait another 10 minutes or so.

Later, after dinner, I could hear them downstairs arguing not so nicely with one another. The topic of the argument? Being annoying. I mean, really, they could each win a gold medal for that event, but instead of intervening or yelling at them to knock it off, I just listened, amused.

Nothing very exciting happened in my little corner of the world today, but that is just fine with me. My family was home together for an entire late afternoon and into the evening, so I have nothing to complain about over here.

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