An Ode to the First 60 Degree Day of the Year

An Ode to the First 60 Degree Day of the Year

A quick poem showing my gratitude for today's gogeous weather.

Sara Royston · 1 minute read

You knew we all desperately needed you so you came to our rescue. We emerged from our closed up homes and shed our layers of clothes to revel in the warmth and sun of this beautiful day.

Windows were flung up open and the stale, winter air was forced out.

When an announcement was made that we're all going for a walk, not a complaint could be heard. Shorts were thrown on happily and coats were left hanging alone on their hooks.

Hellos were said to neighbors we've barely seen for months and we happily walked around soaking up the rays of the sun. The kids even felt the desire to turn the walk into a run.

The football was found and thrown in the front yard. Four square lines were drawn on the driveway once again and energetic games ensued.

Excited discussions of what the summer will bring could be heard. We paused to enjoy and even identify the chirping of birds. "Oh look!" was whispered as a cardinal was spotted perching on the deck.

And although the calendar says it isn't spring quite yet-- the 60+ degrees was welcomed, praised and adored.

So while we ignore the threat of snow that may arrive in the near future, we know we will have the memory of you-- oh first 60 degree day, to keep us strong until you are here to stay.

But please, please don't take too long.

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