A Clueless Moment

A Clueless Moment

I accidentally got on the freeway today.

Sara Royston · 1 minute read

The line at Starbucks was longer than usual today. Stopping there on Wednesdays after drum lessons has become our Wednesday ritual over the last couple of months.

We occupied our wait time with my youngest acting as our deejay in the backseat playing an enjoyable rotation of Beastie Boys songs, and my middle child up front in the passenger seat explaining the plot of the latest story he's planning out in his head. We collected our goodies at the window and went on our merry way.

Instead of taking our normal route home, however, I turned right instead of left out of the parking lot. I am still getting used to living in this part of town, so I figured I'd explore a little as I sipped on my cold brew and appreciated the music selection.

I took the next right thinking it was a cross street to one of the main roads, but found myself in a dead end parking lot behind some businesses. I turned right out the parking lot and continued on our drive home.

Just like that one scene in the movie Clueless, I found myself freaking out a little as I realized the road was turning into the freeway. I even yelled, "I am getting on the freeway!" I wasn't really scared, just surprised as I had no idea that particular road turned into the freeway. But I followed the advice Murray gave Dion, "Just relax and drive, baby. Just relax and drive."

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