We were driving home from somewhere the other day, and when we turned onto our road we saw a young man out for a run. “Hey, that’s my running buddy!” Tyler announced to the car. “Oh yeah? You see him out and about when you’re jogging?” “Yep, we nod at one another.” While I don’tContinue reading “Privilege”

The little things

So much uncertainty and stress So many differing opinions, best practices to stay safe, to stay healthy. It can be too much. Way too much. Focusing on the little things helps. Helps to bring some joy, some peace– The smell of warm spring air. The smell of a storm approaching. The storm itself. My kidsContinue reading “The little things”

Meeting halfway

I started this post exactly 2 months ago. The world has shifted dramatically in those 2 months. Today is, to me, officially Day Two of our quarantine slash “homeschooling” slash social distancing slash keep yo’ behind away from others. Although Friday was cancelled for our school district, I am not counting it as an officialContinue reading “Meeting halfway”


A few weeks ago my middle son and I were driving somewhere. I don’t remember where, but for some reason it was just the two of us. There wasn’t anything unusual about this day that I can recall. We were probably just running a boring errand. Then he made this comment: “It’s weird how IContinue reading “Perspectives”


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