Meeting halfway

I started this post exactly 2 months ago. The world has shifted dramatically in those 2 months.

Today is, to me, officially Day Two of our quarantine slash “homeschooling” slash social distancing slash keep yo’ behind away from others. Although Friday was cancelled for our school district, I am not counting it as an official day for me because it was too sudden and strange and because I was not feeling physically, mentally, or spiritually myself at all. Friday I stayed in pajamas and closed out the world by watching mindless television for the majority of the day. Saturday and Sunday I slowly climbed out of my funk, but it was the weekend and weekends don’t count in my countdown.

But let me rewind a bit. The title of this post is “Meeting halfway” for a reason. I was inspired by my oldest son and his best friend. They don’t live too far from one another, within walking and biking distance, same school district, etc. And when they plan to hang out together, they always meet halfway, which, from what I have gathered from our conversations, their meeting place is near a little sidewalk with a bridge that leads to a local walking trail. They do this even when one of them goes home from the other’s house, they walk or ride bikes halfway so no one has to be alone the entire time.

These boys are 14 going on 15.

When I witness something like this, just a small consideration for one another, it makes me feel hopeful. So, when the older generations, myself included, shake their heads at the lack of empathy or respect in kids these days, I will use this little act as evidence that hope is not lost.

It is not just the angsty youth who lacks compassion nor the ironically bearded millennial who is completely unaware of other people’s feelings. Each and every generation has their a**holes. Just look at what is going on in the world right this very minute.

And just so we are clear, I am not trying to boast about how awesome I am as a parent because if you’ve read any of my posts it is quite obvious I would never win a parent of the year award. I just choose to see something as small as best friends meeting one another halfway as a sign that what the late, great Whitney Houston once said is absolutely the truth. I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way.

Chances are they will do the right thing and meet us halfway.

No one was prepared for what is happening around us right now. Maybe as adults we should take a cue from these two teenagers and try to meet one another halfway too by leaving some of the toilet paper and macaroni and cheese on the shelves.


  1. Dad R says:

    Great blog!! I enjoy your writings…….you are a wise mother…and human!!
    Love you!


    1. Sara Royston says:

      Thanks so much!! I think you are the only one still reading it so I appreciate that. For me it is a nice outlet. Thinking of you all during this time. ❤❤❤


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