Summer Sara vs School Year Sara

Her teaching career began August of 2001.

Each summer since that first year teaching the distance between School Year Sara and Summer Sara gets further and further apart.

Summer Sara is unbelievably relaxed. Laundry not completed by Sunday evening? No biggie. She’ll get to it on Monday. School Year Sara would have an off week if things weren’t planned out and mostly finished by the time she goes to bed on Sunday. Her husband and children feel the wrath of her Sunday stress.

Summer Sara does not know how do anything to her hair except throw it up in a messy bun or sometimes a high pony tail. School Year Sara gets a fresh new haircut at the beginning of the school year and then lets her hair grow out all school year so Summer Sara is able to execute said messy bun daily once June rolls around. This summer she bought a canister of hairspray. Her oldest commented that he’s never seen her actually use it. “Oh don’t worry honey, it will be used when school starts back up, but Summer Sara barely even brushes her hair.”

School Year Sara has NEVER gone to work without foundation, powder, and eye lashes curled with at least 2 coats of mascara. That is her work face, and to be without, would throw off her entire day. Summer Sara can’t remember exactly what foundation is used for.

Summer Sara allows the dirty dishes in the sink to linger much longer than School Year Sara does. Once that school bell starts to ring again, the kitchen must be cleaned and lunches made before bed time. There is no time in the morning to complete such tasks; School Year Sara has learned this well over the years.

Summer Sara attempts to accomplish some tasks that School Year Sara has put off for months. Closets will get cleaned out, walls are often washed, and doctor appointments are attended. And while ‘bigger’ household tasks have been completed by Summer Sara in the past, such as painting rooms, from experience School Year Sara has realized that Summer Sara desperately needs time to recover from the school year. Time to read and rest and just see where the day might take her. Summer Sara must use this time to remember and renew her love of teaching in order for School Year Sara to be ready come fall. So those long lists of summer must-dos have dwindled over the years.

Summer Sara generally does not know what day or time it is. Mornings quickly become afternoons and days turn into weeks. Fridays are uneventful because every day feels like a Friday. But School Year Sara knows exactly what day and time it is as she counts down to Friday.

Summer Sara doesn’t concern herself with what time she goes to bed. Sometimes she’ll stay up late writing or binge watching something on Netflix. Sadly, School Year Sara can barely stay up past 9pm. She puts her kids to bed and then herself.

Summer Sara has a difficult time getting herself up, ready, and out the door before 8am if her schedule deems it necessary. This is strange because School Year Sara has no problem getting out the door by 6:30am each and every weekday. In fact, 8am is like sleeping in for School Year Sara.

Now that it is August, Summer Sara is slowly saying goodbye. She’s trying to get up and go to bed earlier, she’s making plans to get her hair cut, putting on more make up when she leaves the house, and getting the laundry back on schedule. She even cleaned the entire kitchen before going to bed last night. It is a sad, difficult transition, but we must say goodbye to Summer Sara, and usher in School Year Sara.

Farewell Summer Sara, we’ll welcome you back in 8 months. Until then.

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  1. You have captured the split personality of a teacher so well. Unfortunately, Summer Rita has fallen into the bad habit of staying up late and “sleeping in” until 7:00. I hope School Rita doesn’t take it too hard the first week of school!


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