No explanation

Yesterday I went to get my TSA precheck so my husband and I can just glide on through security when we travel to Europe next month. Even with my GPS guiding me I missed my turn, per usual.

I left with more than enough time to get there so I continued to enjoy my recently created playlist on Spotify complete with sweet 90s tunes and found an easy place to turn around. I checked the time on my dashboard clock. Yep, still plenty of time.

When I finally got to where I needed to go and sat down to wait, I checked the time on my phone to ensure I was not late. It read 4:36. Wait, what? I left the house at 12:15 for my appointment at 12:50.

I checked again. Still 4:36. Logically, I knew it was just my phone, but I frantically looked around the small waiting room for a clock and could not find one. I pushed away the sci-fi thoughts rapidly invading my brain and decided to check the settings on my phone. There had to be an explanation. I figured I must have inadvertently messed up the time zone. Yet as I typed in Grand Rapids, MI into the clock settings to fix the time zone that I somehow changed, it read Grand Rapids, MI 4:39. Now my heart started to beat a little bit faster. Because for that, I did not have an explanation.

I did the only thing I could think of. I texted my oldest who was at home with the younger two. I also took a screenshot of my home screen as proof. Proof of what, I wasn’t sure.

I got a casual- 12:40, why? back from my fourteen year old. Phew. OK. So I didn’t time travel or lose 4 hours of my life somehow. It was my phone. I restarted it. If technology gets wonky, just reboot it, right?

Restarting it did not work. My phone still claimed that it was 4:40. But my name was called, and I had to get my precheck completed.

Once finished, I texted my husband sending him the screenshot (I knew the proof would come in handy). He told me to shut it off and turn it back on. I figured restarting would have done the same thing, but nope, this time it worked. The only funky thing left was that the time stamp on the text messages I sent to my husband before it was fixed said 4:44. So until the actual time caught up with my weird phone time jump, I had to scroll up to get any new messages he sent.

A few things I realized from this bizarre event:

  1. I am so reliant on my phone that I had a mini panic attack when I couldn’t trust it for a hot second.
  2. Strange science fiction things actually DO happen. I still don’t have an explanation as to why my phone did what it did. Why did my phone read the time zone as being 4 hours ahead of what it actually was? I’m sure it was some sort of technological glitch, but what if there was some invisible dark force messing with me? (Hmmm… a possible story idea…) Even my there’s-an-explanation-to-everything husband was at a loss.
  3. It must be EXTREMELY scary for those who truly suffer from time-loss episodes of any type. After the minuscule moment of panic and confusion I felt, I can’t even imagine how terrifying that must be to feel on a daily basis from true medical reasons. My heart hurts for them.

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