Ohhhh, Spiderman

When my oldest was just a toddler, my sister lived with me for awhile. He loved having his Aunt Dah (aka Jess) living with us. Once he walked up to her while she was taking a nap on the couch and whispered right in her face to see if she really was sleeping. To this day, she remarks on his stinky beef stew breath.

One time, we were all downstairs playing around, and he opened what I remember as being one of those tin tubs that popcorn comes in that had been sitting near the stairs for awhile. Inside of this tub-like thing was a toy Spiderman. This was a surprise to my son so his response to finding this Spiderman was pure awe. “Ohhhhh ‘Piderman!” he exclaimed with glee. It cracked me and my sister up.

This phrase has now become one of those strange sayings that no one really understands but the people involved. I say it often when I realize something or figured something out or something has been explained more clearly. But today, when I say it my 4 year old thinks I am actually seeing a Spiderman somewhere. Therefore when I proclaim, “Ohhh Spiderman,” he asks, “Where? Where is Spiderman, Mom?” I am unsure how to explain to him why exactly I am making this statement, so I usually just respond with a, “Nowhere, honey, I am just saying it.” He is then disappointed for a second until something else captures his attention.

I love this memory. I love that it is still relevant in our lives today, because it reminds me that there can be moments of wonder and inspiration in everyday life. It doesn’t have to be something huge and remarkable to make you pause for a moment and enjoy life. In fact, it SHOULDN’T be only the big things in life that make you stop and see the magic that’s around you.

An unexpected Spiderman toy in a tub that you haven’t opened in awhile and forgot it was even there can be enough to make you want to burst out with joy.

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