Teacher Tired

Today we had our 8th grade Farewell Night. While it may seem silly to have such a ceremony for 8th graders who are literally walking across the street to the high school, it really is a nice, positive, love-filled event.

Each teacher gives out a department award and announces the names of the students in their homeroom. Many students use this night to get dressed up. They are able to be recognized, walk across a stage, and be clapped, hooted and hollered for. Like I said, it is filled with love and positivity.

However, I was a little concerned my portion of Farewell Night would go as smoothly as it did. I have been having these spaced out moments this week that I am blaming on being tired. Teacher tired. The kind of tired the very last week of the school year can make even the most energetic teacher.


  1. I left the washer machine lid open so clothes sat soaking in water for at least a couple of hours before I realized what happened and closed the lid so it could run its cycle. Twice.
  2. I put my contacts in the wrong eyes and it took me 15 minutes of blinking and squinting and wondering what was going on before I realized what I had done.
  3. I parked too close to the steps in our garage so when I stepped down heading out to school my foot got stuck and I almost fell on my face while my sandal stayed wedged in the small space.

I have read similar posts as well as the subsequent comments to such posts detailing things teachers have done when experiencing this feeling of exhaustion, yet I could never truly connect to them until this week.

I am very grateful tonight went so well. Now, I just have to survive until Friday and get all of my summer check out tasks completed. Then I can rest and rejuvenate.

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