My two younger sons are really into the K-pop group BTS right now. At the book fair the other day my middle son picked out an informational book about the group. We listen to one particular song (see below) on repeat when we’re in the car. Normally this would drive me crazy, but I actually really enjoy this song. It popped on the other morning when I was pulling into the parking lot at school, and I turned it up and let that song play. My four year and I regularly dance around the living room after school to this song. How can you not get fired up listening to this?!

I think one reason I enjoy me some BTS, aside from the catchy songs, is because it reminds me of my love for NKOTB. Obsessively watching their videos on VHS tapes and buying books and magazines about them when I was younger just like my sons are doing with BTS now. Well, except for the VHS tapes of course. My sister even had a NKTOB comforter of which I was jealous of, but could never admit. As an adult, I have seen NKOTB in concert at least 3 times. The love for them will never die. But I can definitely appreciate the awesomeness that is BTS.

According to my husband’s recent research the members of BTS do their own writing and producing of their songs, unlike New Kids on the Block, he was quick to point out. Hater.

I dare you to listen to this BTS song and not want to bust a move. This song is going to keep me going these last 3 and a half days left of school this upcoming week.

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