From the mouths of babes

It is the month of May, yay!! I love this month. The weather is nicer, the trees are budding, the days are longer, and summer is under 20 school days away.

This year my May consists of 2 virtual book clubs and another writing challenge making it even more exciting.

I was sprawled out on my bed this evening trying to squeeze in some of my writing for this month’s challenge while also snuggling with my four year old. Now, anytime I am either laying on my stomach or on my hands and knees, to my four year old this means it is time to jump on Mom’s back. Today I actually welcomed the jumping, which actually was more like sitting and kneeling and squealing, “Try and push me off.” His little knees were giving me a nice back massage. But it was nearing his bed time so all the fun had to come to an end.

As I closed my laptop, he protested and said, “No keep reading your book…no keep writing your book…no keep working.” It took him a couple of tries to get what he wanted to proclaim correct, but to me is was almost prophetic. I know, I know, super dramatic. But I had a moment. My four year old was encouraging me to do something I have always wanted to do. Write a book. Truly, he just wanted me to keep working so he could continue playing his little game of how long can I balance on Mom’s back, but what he said is exactly what I needed to hear. A sign from the universe that I must keep plugging away at my goal and chase this dream of mine.

I love the pure honesty of littles. They say it like it is, and sometimes that can be horrifying or cruel or embarrassing or hilarious, but tonight it is my inspiration.

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