It’s a small world after all

Today was a nice little Saturday. I took the car in for an oil change and went to get a pedicure. Came home and ran some errands as a whole family. I got my Amazon order and read one of the books delivered.

Nothing too exciting, just nice. My favorite kind of day.

I made small talk about the weather with one of the Toyota car service workers. Both of us were happy to see the sun this morning hoping the predicted snow will decide to miss us completely. (Update on that: no such luck. Snow started coming down around 8:00pm). I mentioned I was concerned for some of my students who were holding a car wash to raise money for their band field trip to New York. He asked where I worked, and discovered he graduated from the same district. He was happy to hear about the car wash, and said he was going to go support his alma mater today too.

While waiting to pay for my pedicure, a woman admired my polish color and we began chatting. She helped me with my paraffin wax, and as I was waiting for the wax to do its thing, I gleaned from overhearing her conversation with some of the other women working there that she was the Heidi in Heidi Christine’s Salon and Spa. Later, while talking to my husband, I remembered that during my first year teaching I worked with a teacher whose family owned this salon. In fact, I think she was the Christine in Heidi Christine’s. They must be sisters.

I love when the world shows you just how small it can be. When it communicates the connections between people and communities. It makes me see how much we have in common with the strangers we encounter every day that we generally don’t take the time to notice or inquire about. Maybe if we did take more time to recognize these connections, we would spread more love and kindness and understand that we are all in this together.

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