Vanderpump Rules

I started rewatching Vanderpump Rules on Hulu within the last week or so. I’ve seen these episodes before when they first aired. I have some new shows that I haven’t watched yet piling up on Hulu as well, but I can’t bring myself to watch them. I just keep clicking on Vanderpump Rules when given the opportunity. I wasn’t sure at first why I was spending my free moments during my Spring Break watching old episodes of Jax and Stassi fighting. Wondering will they or won’t they get back together when I already know the answer. And now in Season 2 it gets even juicier when we find out that Kristen and Jax hooked up. Why do I keep watching this trashy television that I have already seen? Why aren’t I catching up on the latest epidsodes of New Amsterdam or Chicago Med or Grey’s Anatomy?

Then it hit me. The other shows I tend to enjoy are dramas, mostly medical dramas or police/law procedural shows. Someone is always sick, or getting sick, or almost dying and then getting saved, or tragically it was too late to do anything though they tried their hardest and they have to console the families. I watch those shows, and I ball my eyes out. And right now I am just not in the mood to ball my eyes out at a stupid show. There’s enough of that happening in real life. So, for now, I am reliving the absurd lives of the beautiful people on Vanderpump Rules. Their craziness is exactly what I need right now. Watching 30-something waiters and waitresses act like teenagers is the perfect escape for me at this time. Plus, it is extremely fun listening to my husband complain about this show, then watch him get sucked in and start asking questions (I am sure he’ll deny this if you ask him, however), then abruptly say, “Never mind, I don’t care” and act like he’s got more important, scholarly things to do.

Right now, I need to go finish watching the episode where Jax and Stassi decide they are officially broken up, again, because he hooked up with a random girl even though he just he tattooed Stassi’s name on his arm AND where Kristin freaks out over a text that Tom sent to Ariana. See what I mean? With all of this idiocy it is easy to get lost and flee from reality for awhile.

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