Day 31, last day of the SOLSC

In honor of my brother in law, a man who had the most amazing smile and who smiled often and easily, I wanted to focus on a couple of times smiles like Eric swept through our house today.

Playing hide-and-seek with my four year old this morning. He thinks 5 seconds is plenty of time to hide. He announces where he is going to hide, and he is a horrible cheater. Every moment of today’s game was amusing.

“Your turn Mom. You hide, Dad and I will count.” “Ok, but you can’t look.” He turns and starts counting. The second I start to creep away he looks. “No looking!” I holler, and he turns to start counting again, and then finds me only a few short seconds after that. Smiles and giggles.

“Mom you count, and Dad and I will hide.” I sneak around and make my way into our bedroom. “Why is the closet light on?” I wonder out loud. Giggles can be heard from inside the closet, but the doors won’t move as I attempt to slide them open. They are trying to keep me out. More giggles and more smiles.

“Ok, now, Mom and I will hide, and Dad will count,” he announces as he grabs my hand. I tug him into the bathroom to hide in the shower. Right when Dad announces, “Ready or not, here I come,” he erupts in a fit of giggles giving away our hiding spot. Smiles and giggles galore as we are found.

The brutal honesty of my middle son. He and Dad went to go visit with his uncle, aunt, and cousins who were visiting at Grandma’s house today. I had jumped in the shower while they were gone. I was brushing the tangles from my hair when they got back. My son saw me and asked where I was going. “Nowhere, just took a shower,” I answered. “Oh, well you normally don’t wear that shirt unless you are going somewhere.” Dad starts laughing, but my son is oblivious to the possibly hurtful truth of that comment. He just says it like he sees it. Clearly when I am home I only wear certain types of clothing, mainly pajamas, and it is out of the ordinary that I am wearing a non-pajama shirt around the house on a lazy Sunday. He has made such observations before. Once when his laundry basket was heaped high with clothes in need of washing, he said, “Man, laundry’s piling up around here” as were tucking him into bed one night. Honestly, it doesn’t hurt my feelings at all. It’s hilarious, and now “Laundry’s piling up around here” has become a sort of family mantra. I love his brutal honesty, and today it gave us another reason to #smilelikeeric.


  1. Such joy comes through as I read the first post. Then pride as I read the second. Yet both together show such love enjoying your family time. The hashtag is a fun extra detail! Congrats on writing all month long! Keep writing!!


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