A Found Story Starter

Day 28 of my Slice of Life

When I got home from school today, my oldest immediately launched into an extensive explanation of his field trip. They went to a local waste treatment plant. Based on his description, it has a large incinerator used to destroy classified material. He said they were not allowed in a certain section and that it was guarded a SWAT team. “Probably burning drugs they said.”

“Well, that actually sounds like a pretty fun field trip,” I said.

“Yeah, and check out this souvenir I found.”

The found souvenir

After reading this note he found so many questions ran through my mind. Why was it left there? Is it a real missing hamster? And if so, why was it at a restaurant? It must be some sort of toy because of the word ‘set.’ The word ‘pass’ is used in a peculiar way, why would you need to write this note if you are close enough to pass something to someone? Was ‘Mommy’ just trying to be sneaky so ‘Parker’ wouldn’t freak out about her missing hamster? How did ‘Madi’ react to this request? Did ‘Parker’ ever notice that it was not her original hamster?

I love finding or seeing odd things that make me go hmmmm…

And I love that my oldest likes to find these types of things too, and that he shares them with his mom.

I’m going to save that little gem of a souvenir for a day I need some writing inspiration. I feel like there could be a good story there.

C&C Music Factory, Things That Make You Go Hmmmm
More writing inspiration maybe?
I’m in the mood for some bad 90’s music and dancing to celebrate Spring Break 2019! See full song and video below.

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