Asking a 4 year old what to write about

Day 25! What, what!

It’s 5 o’clock in the evening. I should get dinner started, but I thought I would get a jump start on my daily writing. I am finding this slice of life challenge a bit well, challenging for a couple of reasons. 1. My life is not all that exciting and sometimes it is difficult to find something worth writing and posting for others to read 2. The real expectation of this challenge is to put a slice of your daily life into a story, and that can be tricky. I have taken liberties with this part of the challenge because as a writing teacher I see the value in just writing as often as possible, and since this is a daily challenge, writing every single day is the goal. It is not easy to write a story every day so sometimes the writing comes out as a list, or a poem, or an editorial, or a conversation, or a rant like this. And I think that is OK.

There was a post not too long ago on the blog that I follow that started this Slice of Life Story Challenge years ago, and it made an insinuation that not writing stories in the SOLSC is basically lazy writing. I had a very teenage reaction when I read this. I scoffed and thought, I will write however the eff I want to write. Yeah… I am definitely around middle schoolers too much. But seriously, I am going to write however I want to write during this challenge.

So here is how today’s brainstorming went:

“What should I write about Dom?”

“Ummmm going to bed.”

It seems as if this kid knows his Momma. Or it could just be what is going on in the weird cartoon he is watching right now. Either way, seems like a good topic for my 25th day in a row of writing and posting.

When my alarm went off this morning and I hit snooze, the first thought that ran through my mind was, Four days. I can sleep in on Friday. I finally rolled out of bed around 4:30, turned on my Keurig, and fired up my laptop. Not to work on the book I started over the summer, oh no, I was simply up early to finish my lesson plans due today at 7am because I didn’t feel like finishing them last night. Don’t tell my students that I wait until the last minute to complete my work too.

I actually really enjoy getting up early once I manage to force myself out of bed. The house is so quiet. Just me and the cat whose meows demand her early morning treat. Coffee tastes even better when enjoyed in the dark silence of the early morning hours. No distractions to draw my attention elsewhere. The promise of a new day pulses in the crisp morning air (enjoy that little nod to an old Paula Abdul song).

At that time of day I feel like I can accomplish anything. At four in the morning I can take on the world.

There is just one problem. I REALLY enjoy my sleep.

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  1. I tend to be a dutiful person. If another in charge states writing whould be “this” way, I just feel guilty when I don’t live up to that standard. Thanks for putting into print what I do believe, too:
    I will write however the eff I want to write.

    I also enoyed reading your description of morning time. I also love awaking early to enjoy the quiet time!


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