A Rare Mellow Sunday Evening

Day 24 of my Slice of Life challenge

I felt pretty productive today. The normal Sunday stranxiety (stress + anxiety, lame maybe but I feel like trying to make up a new word tonight) did not overwhelm me like it usually does. It might be because Spring Break is only 4 days away, but whatever the reason, this evening was relaxed and enjoyable.

My oldest has joined track this spring. This is his first year in the sport, and he has been complaining about his feet hurting after practice. Of course he will not listen to his mother who recommended he ask his coaches or teammates who have more experience in this sport how to ease this pain. Oh no, he strongly feels he just needs to buy some new shoes. Oddly enough however, he does not want super expensive fancy running shoes. Nope. He thinks a pair of $35 sneakers from Target will be better than his Nike running shoes. I am aware that this comment may make me sound snobby, but it just seems like common sense that a brand name shoe specifically designed for running or sport would offer more foot support than a sneaker found at Target. I could very well be completely wrong here, and that is fine. Regardless, he is adamant about buying these shoes.

After we made our weekly trek to piano practice tonight, and after several minutes of his persistent talking about needing new shoes and asking if I could swing by a store, I agreed he could check out the nearby Meijer. He wanted to see if they have a similar shoe as Target had because he had a gift card. Normally, I am not the type of mom to drive my child from store to store to look for something they really don’t need particularly on a Sunday evening during the school year. But I didn’t have anything pressing to do tonight and it was on our way home so I figured, why not?

One of the great things about your kids getting older is their independence. I dropped my oldest off at the Meijer store and drove to the Meijer gas station across the parking lot. When all fueled up, we drove back and he was waiting for us on the curb without a shopping bag in his hand. No luck with the shoes. He grumped and complained that the shoes at Meijer are all name brand and too expensive and why don’t they carry an off-brand shoe? I had no answer to this other than, “Well, maybe it is just that particular Meijer for some reason?” I should not have said this because that sparked the idea that we should check out another Meijer. To my surprise, I said fine. We drove over to the Meijer near our house. The younger two and I sat in the car listening to music and waiting. My middle son is into Styx due to his father’s influence so we enjoyed some of their classics singing and chair dancing.

Again, no luck with the shoes. But the trip to two different locations of the same store didn’t feel like a waste of time. It was actually pretty enjoyable. In no rush to get home and get stuff done, we could just enjoy the drive, roll down the windows, and listen to some sweet tunage. How awesome would it be if every Sunday night could feel this way?

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