Day 23 of my Slice of Life

I could hear the soft pattering of little feet before the bathroom door opened.


“Yeah honey?” Seriously, why can’t I ever use the bathroom in peace?

“Do you want to play magnet tiles with me after school today?”

“We don’t have school today, honey. Do you remember what we’re doing today?”

“Monster trucks! Do you want to play magnet tiles now?”

“Mom is going to rest for just a little bit longer, and then I’ll get up and play with you.”

I put on a television show as he snuggled on the couch for a little bit. I squeezed in more sleep. When the sun was streaming through the window, that was his cue to come wake me up again. We played magnet tiles and enjoyed our lazy morning.

We spent the rest of our day downtown enjoying the Monster Jam show. We plugged up our ears and enjoyed hooting and hollering and voting for our favorites. Afterwards, to avoid the rush of people leaving, we walked a few beautifully sunny blocks to the local comic book store and everyone picked out a book or two. The two oldest boys raced our elevator to the top of the parking ramp, where we were parked, and won. There was an extremely long and unmoving line of cars waiting to get out of the parking ramp, so we decided to walk around some more and find a place to eat. A local hot dog restaurant is where we ended up, and I enjoyed a ‘Mac Daddy’ hot dog. (Do you have the Kris Kross song in your head now?) It had macaroni and cheese and crumbled bacon on top. Yum.

The parking ramp was completely empty by the time we moseyed on back. We took a nice drive to my sister’s house to drop off my nephew who we took along with us to Monster Jam. We sat and visited while the kids played outside and beat a cardboard box with plastic baseball bats until it fell apart. You know, normal boy fun.

After an energy draining week, today was a much needed reset day. The sun was shining. The kids ran around without coats. The basketball hoop has been put back up, a sure sign that warmer weather is here or at least close by.

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