Sometimes a hug is all you need

Day 21 of my Slice of Life writing challenge

Around 4:20 pm my phone rang. It was my oldest requesting a ride home from track practice. My middle son had just gotten home from school and hopped on his bike. He has outgrown his bike over the past year. He looked uncomfortable as he peddled down the street his legs scrunching up compacting his body with each circular motion. It didn’t seem to bother him any. He is just happy the weather is warming and the birds are chirping inviting more outside play. I waited until he returned from his jaunt around the block, “Hey, will you come inside for a minute and sit with your brother while I go grab your other brother?” He begrudgingly came inside as I hopped in the car. The school is close and we were home within 10 minutes.

We settled into a routine of unpacking backpacks, describing our day, and getting dinner all within the confines of our tiny kitchen. In the midst of the bustle, my middle son walked up to me and gave me a hug. He wrapped his arms around me nice and snug, laid his head on my chest, and just stood there with me in an embrace for a few minutes. He’s always been my cuddly one, needing that extra love and contact in random moments. I was in the middle of walking across the kitchen to do something, but whatever it was I forgot about. It wasn’t as important as this moment. Sometimes he’ll just want a quick hug, but today he wasn’t letting go, he must have needed the extra loving and of course I was happy to give it. But then worry started racing through my mind, Is something going on that I am unaware of? Did something happen at school? Is he still struggling with the loss of his classmate last week? I didn’t ask any of these questions, just kept on hugging him tight and kissing the top of his head.

Soon, however, our snuggle fest was interrupted by a seemingly jealous four year old who crashed into us turning it into a group hug. I was expecting the teenager to join in and then it all turning into some sort of WWE cage match, but it didn’t. It was just a nice long hug in the middle of the kitchen. Sometimes that is all you need.


  1. Your post as a whole shows so much caring and looking out for each other. I especially liked your honesty when you worried maybe something was up. But then you stayed in the moment and just enjoyed. A good lesson. Thanks for sharing.


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