A Small Win

Day 20 of my Slice of Life. Happy Spring Equinox!

The full moon seemed to be mocking me on my ride to school this morning.

“Ha, try and teach today,” it laughed. While I love a good full moon, and this particular full moon lined up with the spring equinox making it even more extraordinary, this week wasn’t starting off great and this moon wasn’t going to help.

My classes have been extra chatty, two boys got in to a shoving match in one of my classes, one of said boys then threw a pen across my classroom and it missed my head by maybe 2 inches. I could go on.

Yesterday I decided we would listen to an audio version of “The Lady or The Tiger?” today to mix it up and to save me a bit of stress. This can be a fun story to read with 8th graders once you get past the more wordy writing and some difficult language. I was worried with it also being so close to spring break that maybe this story would not capture my students attention and today would be another teaching fail. And that moon did not make me feel any better.

But I stuck with my lesson of listening to the story and stopping to explain and discuss what was going on. Several what-ifs were asked during our discussions. “What if the maiden doesn’t want to get married?” Fair question, I don’t have the answer to that. “What if the person is able to defeat the tiger?” Yeahhh I don’t have an answer to that one either. Their attention was, in the very least, captured. Take that, full moon.

In each class, as we were nearing the end of the story, I saw a handful of students look up from the text and glare at me. These students had read ahead and discovered the ending. I smiled back at them. When the audio had finished and the rest of the class realized the ending as well, my classroom erupted in angry book slamming and shrieks of annoyance. “Why would you do that to us Mrs. Royston?!” “Come on!”

I’ll take that as a win today. Maybe they were not happy with the ending to the story, but they were definitely paying attention and engaged today. I’ll say it again, Take that, full moon.


  1. I enjoyed your story!! I like how you talk to the moon. As a teacher, I believe in the ful moon as my students are always more chatty when it is full. And you instroduced me to a new story that I have to read now so I know the ending. Thanks for not giving away the ending but for telling about your students’ reactions. You hooked me!


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