Beware the Ides of March

Day 15 of my Slice of Life

After dinner, my youngest washed up and rushed downstairs to play with his brothers. Just a few minutes later he ran into the living room, collides into the coach and loudly whispered to me, “Declan said sh*t.”

“Declan? I doubt that. Really?”

“Yes, he said sh*t,” nodding his head confidently.

“Well, tell him he can’t say that word. Only Mom can.”

Walking down the stairs, he loudly declared, “Declan! Mom says you can’t say sh*t!”

A very short time later he bursts back into the living room to announce now Declan said the word that rhymes with duck. Again, I question this and again he is very positive that Declan did in fact say this word. He repeats said word very clearly and loudly so I strongly tell him we do not say that word. As he walked out of the room seeming to be OK with this, I asked my husband if I say this word a lot. In between his fits of laughter, he assured me I do not.

Truth be told, and I am sure there will be judgy thoughts swirling around cyberspace on this topic, swearing doesn’t really bother me. I do it way more than I should around my kids. The older boys play video games and listen to music that have mature language in it (probably where the youngest heard it, I am aware). I was more worried that he would say it at school or around his grandparents. I’d rather my kids understand when and where it is appropriate to use such language. And no, I don’t allow them to use it freely around me either because as I said before, only Mom gets to use that language.

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