Sick Day

Day 13 of my Slice of Life

I stayed home sick today. The cough and congestion, aka the crud, is hitting me harder than I was expecting at its onset. All 3 of my own children still have traces of said crud, but it doesn’t seem to be slowing them down much at all. I can always tell if my kids are truly feeling sick based on how much they eat, and because it is only Wednesday and most of the groceries from Sunday are gone, I am confident they are feeling just fine. Me, on the other hand, I just feel so drained and exhausted and my head hurts and I keep coughing and this morning I woke up with a sore throat. So I took a day.

I realized this morning, however, how taking a sick day is not always that simple of a task. Besides making sure sub plans are set, which this week was pretty easy since my students are working on a project, I also have to convince my youngest he does not also need to stay home with Mom.

I was given strict instructions by my husband, who is the one home in charge of mornings, that I must stay in bed until all of the kids were off to school so I don’t mess with their flow. “You just get so stressed out, that is stresses us out.” Maybe not an exact quote, but extremely close so I am using quotation marks.

He’s right though. I am VERY grateful that my husband is able to be around in the mornings so I only have to worry about getting myself ready and out the door. I can remember years ago before we met when I was a single mom with my oldest how stressed, rushed, and snippy I would get in the mornings trying to get us into the car, off to daycare, and to work on time.

This morning, while resting in bed, my youngest flung himself onto me and burst into tears when he was told I was staying home sick. He proceeded to cry all through brushing his teeth and getting dressed. I was only able to give him a kiss goodbye and listen to him pack up his backpack and head out the door to wait for the bus. This was a bit easier for me to handle today because I really do need the extra rest and had no desire to get out of bed and help out. But I could not resist getting up for a quick minute to peek out the window and watch him get on the bus when I heard it pull up.

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