Morning Conversations with 8th Graders

Day 12 SOLSC

Student 1: I had a rough morning. I had to get up at 4am. (proceeds to put head down on desk and close his eyes)

Me: Oh, I’m sorry, that’s early. That’s when my alarm goes off.

Student 2: Your alarm goes off at 4am? Why?

Me: Well, I set it that early to either get up and write or exercise. But, really, I’ve just been hitting snooze.

Student 2: Exercise in the morning? Who exercises in the morning?

Me: I would like to because I know I won’t do it after school. But I just keep hitting snooze and having weird dreams in between alarms.

Student 3: I had a weird dream last night too. Michelle Obama was buying me some stuff at the store, and I was like of course I will take this free stuff. So random.

Me: That just made my morning. Thanks.

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  1. Sally says:

    Thanks for sharing this conversation. 8th graders just say it like it is! This exchange also shows the strong relationship you have with your students.


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