Sunday Morning

Day 10

Do you know this song by The Velvet Underground? If not, when you get a minute listen to it here:

The song exudes a sense of calm. How I feel when I first wake up on Sunday morning. But as the morning creeps into the afternoon and the afternoon fades into evening, that chill, relaxed feeling has dissolved. Instead stress and dread and sometimes heart palpitations take over which then inevitably builds to grouchiness taken out on my family. Sounds like I’m being dramatic, I know, but I seriously want to know, do people in other professions have this type of Sunday anxiety too?

Overall, I am a pretty even-keeled person. If the laundry isn’t done, the kids can wear a pair of pants with a food stain on it, they’ll survive. If the house isn’t clean, oh well, no one comes over anyway. Actually, over the years I’ve found ways to make my life easier, groceries delivered, house cleaner every 2 weeks, money kept on the lunch accounts. But when it comes to teaching, I get so annoyed with myself if I don’t accomplish everything on my to-do list over the weekend, which is mostly grading and lesson plans. Never ending grading and lesson plans.

I hate that I just spent 4 hours of my Sunday grading (and I am still NOT DONE). But during the week, I am drained after school and want to spend the energy I do have on my kids. I always have good intentions of grading when the kids go to bed, but at that time I just want to go to bed, stare at the TV for a bit or read a book and fall asleep. It is now 8:45 pm, and I still have yet to start my lesson plans for the week. I have thought about them over the weekend and got what I would need printed out before I left Friday to be copied tomorrow, but I am not going to finish them tonight.

Nope. I am going to finish this post, kiss my older kids good night, and watch Grey’s Anatomy until I fall asleep. I will then get up at 4:15 tomorrow morning to complete my lessons before I get showered and head off to school. It’ll get done, eventually, but for now, I need to enjoy the last few moments of my Sunday.

Watch out, the world’s behind you,

There’s always someone around you who will call,

It’s nothing at all. ~ The Velvet Underground


  1. I really appreciate this post. I also get nervous Sunday evening. And I’m getting kind of resentful that our job as teachers requires so much work time out of the classroom. It’s like 2 jobs. You go to work and teach (1 job) but then on your own time, need to grade, assess. plan, create, etc. I used to be able to do this better but now that my kids are 8 and almost 6, I’m really struggling to make it work. I just can’t get to all my school work at home anymore. I will check out the song you suggest!


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