Happy International Women’s Day!


I’ve been obsessed with listening to strong women lately. Michelle Obama is reading me her book Becoming on Audible. Before Becoming, I enjoyed Rachel Hollis read me Girl, Wash Your Face, and every morning while I am putting my face on before work I watch her live show on Facebook.

These women are so inspiring. I just love listening to their stories. I find myself connecting to them and thinking, I got this. To think that Michelle Obama once questioned her entire career path as a lawyer and bought a journal to help her sort out what she truly wanted in life. And how Rachel Hollis does the same thing, and even showed us her journal where she wrote about a goal she had years ago that is now happening on her live morning show the other day, makes me a little awestruck. If they can reach their crazy dreams, so can I, right?

Truly though, I have been surrounded by strong, amazing women my entire life. My grandmothers, my aunts, my mother, my sister, my friends. Each and every one of these women I would describe as strong. And amazing. And people to aspire to be. And although I will continue to read books by famous strong women, I don’t need to look up for someone to inspire me when I have women around me each and every day that I can look to my left and my right for guidance, support, love, and inspiration.

Cheers to all the kick ass women that we are and that we have in our lives! Keep on paving the way for more women to kick even more ass in the future.

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