I’m pretty lucky

Day 4 of SOLSC

I got a text today while I was at work from my husband that read, ‘I’m super chilled now because I shaved my arms.’ This text reminded me that he will not be home this evening because he will be getting tattooed. He’s wanted sleeves since I met him 11 years ago, and a few years ago he began the process using the kids’ drawings as his inspiration. My husband is unlike anyone I have ever met, and I am a pretty lucky lady.

A month after we got married, my grandpa died, and he was there to help out with his then 3 year old stepson so I could mourn with my family without distraction. We laugh daily with one another, and while he may not admit it, he enjoys my horrible jokes, weird made-up songs and dance moves, and never, okay rarely, complains about my cooking. He is someone I can always count on, and today, especially today, I am feeling extra thankful we found each other.

Besides being my best friend, he is also my greatest supporter. When I said I wanted to start writing more, he helped me with this website, and encourages me to write daily. When I mentioned I might want to get another endorsement for my teaching certificate but that it would mean taking an evening class once a week until for almost two years straight, he said he would make it work. Like I said, I am a pretty lucky lady.


  1. Your many details allowed me to feel how lucky you feel, thanks to your husband. I ended your piece feeling calm and grateful as I started to reflect on those who give me support. Thanks for sharing.


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