Best Friends Forever

Day 2 of the March SOLSC

Today I got to see my best friends. I have known these amazing women for 30+ years. We all live in different corners of this great state, and we haven’t seen each other in at least 2 years, probably more. What I love about these women is that no matter how long it has been, we ease back into such a natural rhythm of our friendship it is as if we live right down the street from one another. I am envious of those who live so close to their BFFS. However, not being able to see them whenever I choose, does make me value and appreciate our time together even more so. As we splashed around the pool with our kids we talked about getting older and how that has changed us. We compared ourselves as parents to our own parents and laughed at how different things are now. We may have even been a bit jealous of our eighties parents.

The older we get I notice how different we are. We are all in different phases of lives, have different aspirations and dreams, but we have this deep connection with one another that so far has been unbreakable. We sat in a hotel room while some of our kids ran around playing just enjoying one another’s company, sharing our lives, and vowing to do this much, much more often.

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