Sometimes Nothing is Everything

I am attempting the Slice of Life Challenge and will be blogging about a piece of my day for the month of March.

Today my family and I took the day off of work to drive up north and visit with family. This may seem like a frivolous reason to take a personal day from work and pull the kids from school to some, but for us there’s no better reason. When the threat of time running out is real and in your face, you show up as often as you can. You sit around watching Ice Age and talk about nothing in particular. You let the kids play in huge snow mountains to burn off energy and sit quietly with each other as company. You go to a high school basketball game to support your nephews. You spend the entire game covering your 4 year old’s ears because the noise is too much for him (which is ironic because the child himself is SO loud). And even though basketball may not be your sport of choice, you find yourself cheering loudly because the game was pretty close and really enjoyable to watch. You laugh at your four year old who decides to stand up and start dancing after the game even though he had just been begging you to leave every five seconds. You eat brownies and ice cream at nine o’clock at night reminiscing about Home Interior parties even though you know it is off the charts on your Weight Watchers points.

Sometimes it is hard to put feelings into words so you just show up and enjoy being around one another for as long as possible. You do these things that may seem like nothing because those moments of nothing feel like everything.


  1. Your post shows so much love. Your repetition – you show up – says it all. And the details of your 4 yr old nephew add a bit of comic relief to this memory. Hang in there and keep showing up. The perfect excuse to spend time doing nothing!


  2. Family – yes, you keep showing up. So important to BE there! And yes, I remember those noise tolerances. He will grow into that!
    Great post!


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