Guilty Pleasure

I think I found my future best friend. Her name is Leah Remini. I just discovered her reality television show that was filmed about five years ago. And I love it. I’m pretty positive we could be BFFs if we ever met. Yep, I know how creepy that sounds, but seriously, she and her family are so hilarious, and I just can’t stop watching her show. Thank goodness for all of these snow days lately.

In truth, I enjoy almost all reality television. It all started years ago with The Real World. I was in middle school and became obsessed with the lives of those fantastic 7 people. Over the years my taste in the types of reality television have evolved. I loved Survivor for several years, even looked into applying to be on the show, but now I don’t even know if it is still on or when it stopped being on if it is off the air now. I never really got into the the game-show type reality television like The Bachelor or Dancing with the Stars. I’ve watched a few episodes here and there, and thoroughly enjoy it when I do, but I don’t look forward to those shows or make sure I don’t miss a single episode like I do others. I was heartbroken when Mob Wives went off the air.

Today, aside from Leah’s reality show, my true reality television show loves are any and all of The Real Housewives. I look forward to each season, I go back and watch old seasons when I am bored in between season or if I happened to have- gasp!- missed some episodes. I even follow most of them on social media. I can’t explain why I love it so much when it is clearly trashy television, and in all likelihood is NOT actually real but scripted. At the least, it is staged. I simply can’t resist being pulled into these women’s lives and immersing myself in their beauty and their rich fanciness and of course their drama. I’m sure if I were to take a step back and analyze why I love this franchise so much, and why I refuse to stop watching it I could figure some things out myself. But why? It is a harmless vice of mine, and I choose to unabashedly embrace it.

Just the other day while looking for interesting podcasts to listen to, after watching the episode on Leah Remini’s It’s All Relative where she and Michelle Visage created a podcast, I found Stassi Schroeder’s from Vanderpump Rules on Spotify. I cannot wait to listen to it. Feel free to judge. It don’t bother me none. However, I kindly suggest you go enjoy your own guilty pleasure instead of judging mine.

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