Snowpocalypse and the Polar Vortex

Day 4. Thursday. We’ve been hunkered down in our house for several days now. I have not driven or left my driveway since Saturday. The kids have been able to play outside before the arctic blast, and I have dutifully taken pictures of them frolicking in the snow. But I really do not like winter. And this week just solidifies my distaste for this season. I have never had this many days off in a row in my 18 years of teaching, but I am very thankful I have not had to drive in this mess or worry about my kids being outside waiting for the bus or walking to school. I am much more productive person when I have a set schedule to my day, so not as much has gotten done as one would think with all of these days off.

Things I have accomplished:
1. Sleeping in
2. PiYo (and now I am super sore)
3. Shoveling. So much shoveling.
4. Board games, old school with Life and PayDay
5. Reading (The Poet X is AMAZING)
6. Watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey and Vanderpump Rules
7. A little bit of writing (this post)
8. Grading (pretty proud of myself with this one, but of course there’s more to do)
9. Not getting dressed or putting on makeup
10. Picking up after my kids / laundry

It’s clearly nothing to brag about, but relaxing and actually enjoying this extra time with my family during this crazy weather is productive enough for me.

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